MDrummer VST Plugin

MDrummer VST Plugin

MDrummer VST Plugin
MDrummer Small is a free virtual drummer VST plugin that can help you enhance your audio creations with incredible sounds and rhythms and lets you create great drum tracks quickly. It is much more than a simple synthesizer or a sampler as it allows you to use brushes, bossa nova, pop, r'n'b, hip-hop or drum'n'bass. MDrummer Small plugin includes a large library of samples and drumset components that enable you to create drumsets customized for your projects. MDrummer Small comes with 500 MB of samples, mu ltisamples, rhythms and other data, which could satisfy many home musicians. It includes 30+ drumsets, 400+ drumset components, 200+ samples, 50+ multisamples, 60+ rhythms, 200+ base-rhythms, 2500+ loops

Note: The Small edition of the MDrummer does is free but does not include the drumset or rhythm editors nor the rhythm generator. For more features you need to purchase the Large edition here.

Download free MDrummer Small for Windows.
Download free MDrummer Small for Mac OS.

MDrummer Small Requires VST/VST3 host.
MDrummer Small file size 597MB.
MDrummer Small Website

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